Vintage Ludwig Drums

The Club Date outfit featured in the 1960 catalog was slightly different than most classic kits. Club Dates were a smaller more compact outfits offered as smaller drum sizes. The major indication of a Club Date drum was the streamlined self-aligning tension lug casing. Bass drums were either 14" X 20" or 14" X 22", 8" X 12" or 9" X 13" tom toms and 12" X 15" or 14" X 14" floor toms. Club Dates utilized the 3-ply Mahogany poplar shell mold for up until ’66, and like all classic shells, it underwent the change to Maple poplar 3-ply mold in ’66. A unique feature of the club dates was the continued use of the "quick release" floor tom brackets. Those brackets would eventually change to the 2nd generation script logo bracket by around ’69/’70. However, the tom tom brackets would under go the changes as all classic drum brackets did in the 1960’s (see 60s time-line section). Also, Club date bass drums always had telescoping spurs.
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