Vintage Ludwig Drums
Ludwig Blue Note
The Super Classic model was a standard configuration for the industry and preferred by many drummers. It was compact enough for the gigging musician hauling gear loads to and fro. The four piece set up is was than enough to hold it’s own as a present force in any band setting. It still proves that way today. The dimensions of Super Classic outfits allow for versatile tuning ranges and tones complimenting anything from high tension jazz/bebop, to thumbing bold low/mids in rock/pop. The cost of the drum kit shown on the right was valued approximately $460 new (including hardware, but not cymbals) in the 1960s. Super Classic kit’s were available as a four piece configuration made from Ludwig’s innovative 3-ply shell mold with 5x14 supra-phonic snare.

Drum specs
Snare drum: 5" X 14"
Bass drum: 14" X 22"
Tom drum: 9" X 13"
Floor tom: 16" X 16"
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