Vintage Ludwig Drums

The Blue Note model was the largest configuration that Ludwig offered. Drummers were provided with more tone and complexity to compositions, as well as their approach to drumming. This configuration would influence drummers to step away from just being a back beat, to becoming a musical components in its own right. Proving that, sometimes an excess amount is beneficial. The Blue Note model was offered with 9 drums and was crafted using the three ply design with reinforcement rings.

Drum specs
Snare drum: 5" X 14"
Bass drum: 14" X 22" (both bass drums)
Tom drum: 8" X 12" (both rack toms)
Floor tom: 16" X 16"
Floor tom: 16" X 18"
Bongos: 8" and 12" (tunable)
Optional floor tom: 14" X 14" (optional in place of a 16x16)

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