Vintage Ludwig Drums
Ludwig Blue Note
The Ludwig Jazzette model was introduced in 1967 as the only kit that was strict and consistent to an all Mahogany shell construction. The catalog Jazzette kit was a 4 piece set up with an aluminum snare. It was composed of compact sizes appealing to drummers looking for that light subtle, yet lively tone. The compact aspect also had its transportation benifits. This kit mainly appealed to, you guessed it, jazz drummers. Mahogany shells were the perfect dark setting that offered the right amount of puch and low-end for the perfect support to any Jazz ensemble.

Drum specs
Snare drum: 5" X 14" (Supra-Phonic)
Bass drum: 12" X 18"
Tom drum: 8" X 12"
Floor drum: 14" X 14"
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